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About Newington London

Step on the avenue of hassle-free property buying, selling, Residential lettings and renting property in London. Let us take you on a journey of professionalism, detail-orientation, obsession with perfection and most importantly- best quality services.

Say goodbye to all your troubles related to property selling, renting and buying as Newington is here to save the day for you. Being a private estate agency, Newington has expertise in sales, property management, and residential settings.

Find us at out boutique branch, our properties spread across Fitzrovia, Paddington, Marylebone, Mayfair, Baker Street, and Lancaster Gate. Get a chance to know real estate experts who dare accept challenges with the sole aim of fulfilling them more than your expectations.

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properties available for Rent

Granta Court

£600 pw | 3 Beds

Marys Court

£995 pw | 3 Beds

Baker Street

£495 pw | 2 Beds

Westminster Palace Gardens

£690 pw | 2 Beds

Molyneux Street

£420 pw | 1 Beds

Portman Mansions

£575 pw | 2 Beds

Portman Square

£1070 pw | 2 Beds

Westbourne Terrace

£510 pw | 2 Beds

Porchester Place

£550 pw | 2 Beds

Homer Street

£425 pw | 1 Beds

Granta Court

£600 pw | 3 Beds

Cornwall House

£495 pw | 2 Beds

Rossmore Court

£450 pw | 1 Beds

Cambridge Court

£375 pw | 1 Beds

Macready House

£575 pw | 2 Beds

Avery Row

£413 pw | 1 Beds

Waterdale Manor House

£470 pw | 1 Beds

Nottingham Terrace

£695 pw | 2 Beds

Bickenhall Mansions

£800 pw | 2 Beds

York Street

£450 pw | 1 Beds

Marconi House

£1100 pw | 2 Beds

Dorset House

£650 pw | 1 Beds

Albion Gate

£900 pw | 3 Beds

York Place Mansions

£634 pw | 2 Beds
We’re one of the best Estate Agencies in Central London

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properties available to Buy

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