Are Housing Prices Really About to Increase Dramatically?

It would seem that springtime has come early for the housing market in the UK. According to a report issued by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, there has been an increase in house price expectations and enquiries by new buyers in January. Are housing prices really about to surge to notable (more…)

What Will Brexit Mean for My Rental Property in 2020?

The country has been put through the wringer over Brexit. Whether you are a Remainer or Leaver or opted out of the whole thing, it feels like the UK has been consumed by the Brexit saga since the 2016 UK EU Referendum. There has been a lot of debate about how it will affect the economy after it officially (more…)

Most Popular and In-Demand Jobs In Spain for Expat

Are you considering the possibility of moving abroad to benefit from the more comfortable and pleasant climate, easy-going lifestyle, great food and great people that Spain has to offer? One important consideration, along with your finances and whether or not you will be able to settle into the new surroundings (more…)

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