4 Tips For Helping To Sell Your Property Faster

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It is important when you are selling your home that it outperforms the competition from similar properties in the area within the first three weeks of it being listed if you want it to actually sell at all. That is according to some research conducted by Right Move. In London, it is thought that it takes around 59 days on average to sell a home.

If you are struggling to sell your home or want to hit the floor running, we have put together a list of some tips that could help.

List It At The Right Price

Overpricing could result in your home being overlooked by potential buyers, so it is important that you set the right price. Although the price you set for your property to sell for is down to you alone, you should make an informed decision based on the advice and valuations conducted by at least two different local estate agents. Use the estimates to also compare your property with others available in the local market. It is also useful to look at the prices of recently sold properties, so you can ensure there is not a big difference between asking and sold prices.

Make a Listing That’s More Attractive Than The Rest

As the majority of modern property buyers start searching across multiple sources, it is crucial that the description and photography of your house are as good as they possibly can be. Make sure the agent helping to sell your home has scheduled the photography for the listing on a clear and bright day to ensure there as much natural light as possible and to prevent interior shots from being dull. You should also ensure that your house is showroom clean and tidy, getting rid of any clutter.

If possible, look at the pictures as they are taken, and ask for more to be taken if you think they might look better from different angles. Endeavour to make the most of important and eye-catching features such as an old-fashioned style fireplace or big windows.

Before the description is posted, read through it and add anything you think might be strong selling points. Also be sure to add any personal touches you can like talking about how long you have lived there, what you love about the property and also why you are selling it.

Know As Much About The House And Local Area As Possible

Do you intend on being present when potential buyers are viewing your property? If so, you need to make sure you are ready to answer any questions they may have about the history of your house. This will not only include things directly related to the property itself such as any building or renovation work that has been carried out or any issues you’ve dealt with over the years; but, it will also include information about the local area and

Although it is your house that is the most important thing, potential buyers who are new to the area will be curious about the kind of area they could be moving into.

The Right Buyer Is Not Always The Highest Bidder

This is another thing that many people misunderstand, but no; a property having white goods would still be being unfurnished. Whether a property is furnished or not, is determined by whether it comes with any pieces of furniture.

White Goods Should Be in Good Condition

It is generally thought that the offers part of the selling process is the most sensitive part. Being as well informed as possible will help avoid sales falling through and lengthily trickier sales. Newington, based in London, will be happy to assist you with selling your property and provide advice throughout the process. A higher offer of a couple of thousands over the asking price is not going to be worth it if it means the sale takes longer to go through or it is never actually . Along with the actual money side, consider the buyer’s position and how ready they are to buy – are they still waiting for their own property to sell?

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