6 Common Mistakes People Make That Can Stop Your House Selling

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There are various factors you need to think about, if you are planning on selling your property, before you list it on the market. As exciting as it can be to put that For Sale sign up, it can quickly become a fraught situation, as the weeks and months roll by without any offers. There is a variety of reasons why you are finding it difficult to sell your home, in the following post we will outline the 10 most common mistakes people make when selling the property.

Setting The Price Wrong

If you set the price wrong for your property, it will be very hard to sell it. If you set it too low, then buyers may be reluctant to put in an offer or check it out because they’ll wonder why it is so low. However, if you set the price too high, it will drive buyers away completely. Calculating the best price to sell your house for is actually a difficult thing to do, because there are so many different aspects you need to factor in. The area, home’s condition, demand and market value are just a few of the aspects that can affect the price tag of your property. This is why it is recommended you work with people who have market knowledge, such as the team at Newington Estates in London.

Not Taking The Curb Appeal Of Your Property Into Consideration

Although it is good to spend money, energy and time making sure the inside of your property is as good as it can be to win over buyers and secure that sale; this is often done at the expense of the home’s exterior. The outside is every bit as important as the inside. Think about it for a moment – what part of the house do they see first? That’s right, the outside. So if you want to make the best first impression you need to ensure the outside is tidy and immaculate. Remove any clutter, sweep and clean the pathway and driveway and mow the lawn. Gardens are very important to many buyers, so it is crucial yours is looking its very best.

Personal Touches Still In House

It is crucial when a potential buyer comes to view your property that they can see themselves living there. This is harder to do if you still have pictures of you and your family or the other people in your household lying around and still have a very personalised colour scheme. A blank canvas is essentially what you should be offering to people coming to view your house. Make sure all personal items are stored away and the walls are painted a very neutral colour.

Cluttered, Untidy and Not Deep Cleaned

While it may sound like common sense, it is worth noting here based on how common an issue it is. People seem to leave clutter lying around their house when its being viewed by buyers. Yes, your buyers know and appreciate it is lived in, but it should be clean and tidy. Hoover the floors, hide the clutter and give your house a further clean and tidy before you start advertising open days and taking viewing bookings.

Not Sorting Small and Minor Repairs

You may think it seems like a waste of your time and money to sort minor and inexpensive repairs before you try to sell your house. However, you may be putting people off from going any further than just viewing the house, if it is in varying degrees of disrepair.

Stick To The Buyer's Side As They View

Many people do this out of either wariness or courtesy, but it may be a mistake to stay so close to a buyer as they view your property. Yes, show them the main areas of the house to help them familiarise where everything is. However, give them the space and time to take the property in on their own. As further above, they need to be able to imagine themselves living there. So give them the chance to do that.

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