7 Qualities All Good Estate Agencies Should Possess

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The real estate and property market can be quite intimidating and confusing if you are new to it all. With so many different firms and individuals out there, it can be hard finding a good and reliable estate agency. London based Newington Estates are just one of many, but are passionate about the property market and helping their clients to rent or buy properties in and around the capital. To help you pick the wheat from the chaff, therefore, we have put a handy guide to some of the most important qualities you should look for when trying to choose a London estate agency to do business with.

Good Communication Skills

When getting quotes and looking at prospective property agencies in London, it is imperative that you find one that has staff that have great communication skills. This doesn’t just refer to their communication skills when dealing with buyers, but also with regards to how they deal with you. They should be willing to keep you informed at every step of the process, whether you are renting out your property or buying a new one.

Local Market Knowledge

It really should go without saying that when you are looking to work with an estate agency in London that they have expert knowledge of the local area and, crucially, the property market. They should be able to tell you about what the area is like if there is a lot of crime you should be aware of and where things like shops, schools and other important amenities are.

Technology Literate

Business is no longer just done in agency windows and one of the most lucrative and best places to get great deals in the property market is online. Therefore, you need to choose London estate agency that understands the online property market and how best to use it to benefit you and get the best deal possible.

Well Organised

The property market is a fast moving one, so a property agency in London needs to work in an orderly and organised manner. As most handle any number of clients and properties at one time, it is in their best interest as well as the best interest of their clientele that they are organised enough to avoid forgetting things or getting clients and their prospective properties confused.

Hard Working

Hard work is an important quality in any part of life. The last thing anyone wants when you do business with a London estate agency is that they aren’t as focused and motivated to get that sale or secure that property as you are. They should be interested in working as hard as they can to get their clients exactly what they need and want.

Good Listening Skills

This could easily be tied in with good communication skills, but as it is often lacking in many people, it is worth highlighting separately. A good estate agent should know the importance of really listening to what their clients want and provide helpful feedback based on that. How else will they know what you are looking for if they don’t listen to your requests?


THonesty is important in all areas of life, we are sure you will agree. Especially so in the property market though, where there is a tendency for people to stretch the truth and outright lie. Therefore, it is good to choose estate agents that are always honest and will be upfront with you about everything.

The above is hopefully help if you are looking to rent out your property or buy a new one. Newington Estates are a boutique estate agency based in London and will help you out with all your property rental and purchasing needs.

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