How to Prepare for a Property Viewing

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You’ve recently made the decision to sell up and are putting your home on the market. Before you do that, though, you need to give some thought to how best you are going to present your home when it comes to property viewings. In the following post, we look at some failsafe tips for preparing your home before those all-important visits from potential buyers.

Emphasise its Kerb Appeal

First impressions are crucial when selling property and they can only be made once. You will find that many buyers will have a number of different viewings to attend other than yours. Some of them they may even have been to before yours. What they see when they first arrive will often shape their opinion of your property and not much will change that opinion.
You need to really need to show the best aspects of your property and clean up the exterior. Take a step back and think about what the first things those potential buyers will see. If there’s a garden to the front of your property, is it looking neat and tidy? Does the lawn need to be mown and the plants pruned? Clear way anything that shouldn’t be there and put the dustbins to the rear of the property. Make sure you also polish up your windows and maybe even repaint the front door.

Showcase the Available Floor Space

Although the country has a fascination with open plan spaces and properties with a lot of space, homes in the UK seem to be getting smaller. A survey conducted by LABC Warranty found that compared to the 70s, British homes have gradually shrunk in size. With the average British property having just 3 bedrooms.

Is your property small? If so, you will need to make up for the lack of actual space by creating the illusion of there being more space than there actually is. This can be achieved by clearing out clutter and any furniture that’s seen it’s best years. If at all possible, get rid of it or put it into storage, if you are not ready to part. Don’t hide it all in the garage or loft, as potential buyers will want to see those areas as part of their viewing appointment

Some People Are Not Pet Lovers

Remember, not everyone is a pet lover. As charming as your Great Dane or Yorkshire Terrier is, the last thing potential buyers in general would like to see is a dog. To sell your property, if you have pets, you will need to give it a thorough clean before the viewings to ensure as much evidence of there being a dog in your house is gone. You will also need to find someone who could look after your dog while you are showing buyers around.

Give The Kitchen Attention

In recent years there has been a shift in what is considered the most important room in a property. Although the living room and the master bedroom will be rooms buyers will be interested in, according to a recent survey conducted by Lloyds, it’s the kitchen where your main focus should be, as around 1/3 of the people surveyed spend the most time in their kitchen over other parts of their property.

Tidy up your kitchen, therefore, before a viewing, getting rid of any appliances that don’t need to be on the worktops. We are sorry to say this, but you need to tackle cleaning the oven too. Even though you are not selling the oven or other appliances with your property, they need to be clean to give potential buyers a picture of how good the house can look and feel.

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