How to save money when you are moving home

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Moving house can be a fantastic, if somewhat stressful experience. It can also be a very expensive one, there are however a number of things that you can do to make your move a little less expensive. If you can keep track of your outgoings and stay organised then you should be able to save some money.


Removal companies will give you a quote for moving based on all your furniture and the volume of your belongings so declutter before you move as this will help to reduce the amount you need to pay to your removal company.  Don’t forget those areas you don’t often look in like your garage and loft where clutter can really lurk, the last thing you want to do is pay to take items to your new home that you will end up throwing away.

Compare quotes

Get plenty of quotes for all any services associated with moving; removal company, utilities suppliers for the new property, and any tradesmen you might need for jobs that need doing on your new price. Keeping an eye on all of these extra costs can really help you to save money.Remember if you are comparing removal quotes make sure you give exactly the same details to each one so that you can compare like for like.

Move on a weekday

If you can, consider moving on a weekday. Weekends and bank holidays are much more expensive and the roads are more likely to be busy so not only will you save some money but you might save some time as well.

Don’t buy boxes

Boxes can be quite expensive, especially when you buy them from your removal company. Rather than buying them ask on local social media sites or freecycle somebody else may have just moved and have plenty of boxes to get rid of, alternatively you could ask at your local supermarket and see if they have any boxes you can use.

Pick the right estate agent

Finally, it’s essential to remember that you can start saving money before you even put your property on the market by picking the right estate agent. Accepting the highest valuation may not always be the best thing to do, if it is considerably higher than the others then you may find yourself accepting a lower offer on your house in order to sell it. Make sure your estate agent is easy to reach, professional and above all honest, and you’ll certainly get the job done without overpaying.

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