Most In-Demand Professions in Cyprus

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If you are interested in buying to let, when looking at property, one thing you need to give a lot of consideration to is who you are going to rent the property out to. One option, which has probably crossed your mind, if you are looking to invest in the greater London area, is professionals. Are they the perfect tenant? In the following post we are going to discuss several benefits that you can avail yourself of by marketing and pricing your rental property towards professionals.

Machine Operatives

There is a greater demand, you’ll find, in Cyprus for manual labour. These kinds of positions are filled very quickly and easily. This is particularly true when it comes to machine operatives involved in working with heavy machinery all day.

Due to the vast and expansive agricultural areas there are in Cyprus, there are various industrial and farming positions vacant.


Other parts of the world have a huge surplus of experienced and qualified pharmacists than there are vacancies. When it comes to Europe, though, there is a real shortage of applicants. That’s even though the average earnings of a pharmacist in places like Cyprus are reasonably high.

Sales Executives

Although there is a good chance of earning a good salary with reasonable commission, jobs for sales executives are still hard to fill in Cyprus. The issue is, it seems, that many people are put off with a job that involves targets. However, if you like a challenge and don’t mind putting in hard work, this might be a good option for you.

Software Developers

Software and technology are big news in the world today and as the reliance we all have on computing systems continues to increase, the demand for experienced and skilled people also continues to grow. Businesses need people who are able to build and maintain software at fast-moving rate.

Because of the need and demand, it’s one of the most sought-after positions. It requires a lot of training and expertise, but the return on the investment in training and education for this kind of work in Cyprus will make it more than worthwhile.


Although it may not be the most appealing kind of work for everyone as it involves looking into the mouths of strangers, it does have the benefit of a high salary. Even though the salary is high, it doesn’t attract enough people so there is high demand for trained individuals throughout Cyprus.


There is always a need for engineers, throughout the world. This is true in Cyprus. Engineers is a broad-spectrum word that covers a wide array of sectors such as industrial, mechanical, engineering, civil and electronics. There is huge demand for a wide array of people to fill roles in the engineering sector with the necessary skills and experience.


Auditors do not earn much compared to other positions, but the good thing about that is there is a high demand for these kinds of positions throughout Europe, including Cyprus.


One of the most in-demand jobs in the world are nurses. Including in Cyprus. If you are trained as a nurse, then you are not going to find it too hard to search for suitable work. However, the reason for such huge demand is the unsociable shift patterns and long hours.
Teaching English

As Cyprus is a tourist destination, there is a need for locals who haven’t already learned English to do so. Teaching English when you are fluent in the language is also a relatively easy profession to enter into.

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