Most Popular and In-Demand Jobs In Spain for Expat

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Are you considering the possibility of moving abroad to benefit from the more comfortable and pleasant climate, easy-going lifestyle, great food and great people that Spain has to offer? One important consideration, along with your finances and whether or not you will be able to settle into the new surroundings that you need to think carefully about is the job prospects.

While many people already have work lined up, if you are moving and hoping to find work while you look for a property, it’s worth figuring out the kind of job prospects there are there. To give you an idea of this we are going to discuss some of the key sectors below.

Jobs for Skilled Tradesmen and Women

In Spain, you will find there are always people there who are looking to remodel and update their properties, particularly their bathrooms and kitchens. So, there is always a need for experienced and skilled electricians and plumbers, as well as welders and mechanics.

Hospitality and Tourism Jobs

As tourism is big business in most of Spain, there is always great options for bartending, hotel, restaurant and catering jobs across the country. Although these are obviously more readily available in the coastal areas as well as the bigger cities.

Medical Practitioners

One of the things that draws so many ex-pats to Spain is the fact it has what is considered to be one of the best healthcare services not just in Europe, but the whole world. The most in-demand jobs in this sector are elderly care professionals, childcare professionals and healthcare assistants.

Industrial and Mechanical Engineers

There a high demand in Spain for industrial and mechanical engineers, though you will have a better chance if you have a high level of experience and academic qualifications. It will also put you at a distinct advantage over others if you have a good command of the language.

Computer, Technology and IT Jobs

As technology continues to be an integral part of life on the planet, there is a thriving technology sector in Spain. Therefore, if you are highly skilled in any of the following, you will have a good chance of finding work – Android and iOS app development, software programming, coding and testing.

Business Consultant Jobs

You will find that many multinational companies are based in Spain, so there is always a high demand for experienced business consultants who have expertise in foreign markets. Within the financial sector, popular jobs for expats are international finance directors, collection managers and consultants of all kinds.

Teaching English Language

Of course, there is one great way to find work, without even having much specialist experience. As an English speaker, there is always the opportunity to use your fluency in the language in a positive and potentially rewarding and lucrative way. Interestingly, whether you are teaching at schools or other official organisations or working for yourself as a private tutor, the entry level for this kind of profession is surprisingly low.

That is why so many expats end up working in the education sector. Although not all teaching positions require qualifications or certifications, you may have to take a course to achieve either a TESOL, CELTA or TEFL certificate.
Even if you do, though, it’s a good way to invest in your future. As there is always a steady flow of tourists and expats coming to Spain, teaching locals English is beneficial all round.

On the subject of language, it may be worth learning to speak Spanish before you go, because if you are trying to navigate the job market, you will find it easier if you come across individuals and employers who can’t speak English as fluently as other locals.

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