Three Great Reasons Why A Property Investment in Cyprus is a Wise Choice

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The practice of investing in property in foreign countries, particularly on and around continental Europe is not new. It’s seen as a very profitable and sensible investment strategy. Cyprus, over the last decade or so has become a focal point for the interest of investors, and with good reason. If you’re weighing up your options and looking for a great investment opportunity in Europe, but aren’t sure where, check out the three reasons why we think Cyprus should be top of your list.

Diversification of Your Portfolio

If you have several different real estate investments in your portfolio, it means you have a more diverse range of holdings. Therefore, if one area where you have investments suffers from poor market prices or some other adverse development, your whole entire portfolio is not affected.

Obviously, when you choose a market to invest in, you will look for certainties or at least promise there’s going to be profitable returns. However, in our modern economy, you will find things can change at the drop of a hat and often not to the benefit of the investor. The truth is you could suffer losses in the domestic housing market too. The issue would be that if you only had all your eggs/propertied in one basket/market, you could suffer a blow that’s hard to recover from.

Therefore, the best way to avoid this happening is by spreading out your investments into several different housing markets, including Cyprus. For one thing, it recovered far quicker than was anticipated from the crash in 2008 and it provides great opportunities.

Consistent and Continuous Flow of Cash with Little to No Effort

Investing in a second property or properties in a foreign market like Cyprus can provide you with a decent passive income, If you don’t feel as if you have time to deal with handling the management of your Cyprus property, though, don’t let that deter you from considering this as a side income option, because you can hire a company like Newington Estates to handle all the day to day and week to week responsibilities, leaving you free to reap the benefits from rent charges and to get on with your own life.

Free and Virtually Unlimited Holidays and Breaks

It’ll come as no surprise that the main benefit of investing in property in a foreign country like Cyprus gives you access to, when it’s not inhabited, to free and unlimited holidays and breaks. So, if you don’t necessarily want to live there all the time but are interested in that passive income and having somewhere to call your own on foreign soil, a rental property is a sound choice. Cyprus is famous for its warm climate and sunshine beaming down all year round. It’s a veritable paradise, with enviable conditions you’d struggle to find elsewhere for the same percentage of the year.

It can be expensive to organise holidays in Cyprus. Which is why it’s ideal to have your home. Even if you don’t plan on using it much, it’s a place where your friends and family can use as a basis for their own holidays.
What about retirement? When you reach the age where you want to come out of employment and are looking for somewhere to rest up in your elder years, what could be better than the sun, sea sand of Cyprus surrounding you?

We don’t think there is very much.

If you are interested in investing in Cyprus property for a second home or even an investment rental property, but would like some pointers, advice or just assistance in achieving it, speak to Newington Estates.

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