Tips For Ensuring Your Property Is Safe While Your Tenants Are On Holiday

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Everyone needs a holiday from time to time and your tenants are no different. However, if they go away, that leaves your rental property unoccupied and vulnerable.With that sobering thought in mind, therefore, we are going to look at some of the ways you can protect your property when your tenants go away for the weekend or longer.

Making It Appear Someone Is Home

The majority of burglaries happen when no-one is around. This is why it is crucial that you make your property appear like it is inhabited. You can do this by purchasing a light that simulates the light of the television and by setting timers on lights on the interior of the property.

These are simple ways to put in place powerful deterrents that would fool many opportunist burglars into believing there was someone in the property.It is also a good idea to ask your tenant to cancel any subscriptions to newspapers and magazines or other deliveries, while they are away.

Enlist The Help Of Trustworthy Neighbours

If your own home is not close to your rental property, you could enlist the neighbours of your tenants by asking them to put the bins out on the right days. If they have access to a key or you give them one, then they could even open the curtains every day and close them at night to at least make the property seem like it is not unoccupied

Don’t Tempt Burglars

As most burglaries are not planned in advance, it is important to ensure your tenant does not leave anything on display that could tempt a burglar to try their luck. Ask them to store away safely any valuables such as electronics and jewelry before they leave.

Invest In An Alarm

If your property does not have an alarm installed, you need to make it a priority to invest in one. If you do have one installed, make sure your tenant knows how to use if properly and sets it before they go. Pay close attention to window security too as this is often forgotten about. There are a variety of different alarms for windows that can be fitted that detect when a window is broken or opened and sound off.

Make Sure The Exterior is Well Lit All Around It

As most burglars are essentially on the look out for easy targets, they will be put off trying to break into your property if the exterior is well lit. You should have security lights that have been checked to ensure they are working properly, with motion sensors and timers.

Lock Everything

It may seem a little odd and patronising to cover such a basic aspect of property safety, but it is amazing how many people in the hazy excitement of getting away from it all for a few days or longer forget to lock the windows and doors before leaving. Even they do remember the main access doors, you should also advise them to always check that they lock anything and everything, including garden fences and gates, upper level windows and any other vulnerable point.

If your rental property can be accessed by a shed or garage, you need to make sure they remember to lock any go-between doors.

Remember. It is your job to make sure that all the locks in the property and keys are fit for the purpose and in good working order.

While the safety of your rental property is important when your tenants are out of town, it is not hard to protect it from would-be burglars. By following the tips above and speaking to the team at Newington Estates, you will be able to ensure your rental property is safe, whether your tenants are at home or not.

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