Tips For Landlords and Tenants To Maintain Healthy Relationships

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There always seems to be horror stories in the news and on TV about troublesome tenants and nasty landlords. However, this is actually more a rarity than a commonalty. However, if you are on either side of this
curious relationship, we have some tips for ensuring it runs smoothly.

Tips For Tenants

It is not easy always, but here are some tips for tenants reading this to help keep their relationship healthy with their landlord.

Inform Landlord Of Any Problems You Are Having With the Property

Even the very small problems, like the sealant peeling away from around the bath can turn into bigger, more serious issues like water leaks. This will not only cause problems though for your own property, but the neighbour’s too. Particularly if it is not dealt with. Always be clear from the start of your tenancy agreement who is responsible for what, you or your landlord. This will avoid you unnecessarily calling your landlord when it is something you can deal with.

Avoid Covering Up Damages To the Property or its Furnishings Caused by You

While it could mean a difficult chat with the landlord, when you let them know immediately and offer to cover the cost of repairs, you could save some money, while maintaining the relationship.

Leave Your Property The Way You Found It

When your tenancy comes to an end, it is important to ensure your property is in a similar condition to it was when you first started living there. Ideally, you should stay on top of the cleaning while staying there to avoid a crazy rush at the end. It may even be worth arranging for a professional to handle it for you, saving you some stress and hassle. Some of the most commonly overlooked places are the window frame tops, detergent drawer in the washing machine, and the oven extractor fan condition. Leaving it in good condition will also give you a greater chance of getting your deposit back.

Tips For Landlords

It can be very stressful as a landlord, but by taking a measure approach and being nice to people things are often made easier. Below are some great tips for establishing and maintaining a strong and healthy relationship with tenants.

Provide Tenants With a Welcome Pack

One small thing that can make a huge impact is giving your new tenants a welcome pack to help them settle into the property and will help establish a good relationship from the start. You should also consider providing washing-up liquid, toilet paper, bread, sugar and tea and going that extra step for them can help make moving in easier for tenants.

Help them Arrange Their Utilities

If there is an electricity or gas key in the property, you need to make all tenants aware of that. If you wanted to be kind, you could even top up the meters with some credit to give them heating and electricity when the first move in.

Give Adequate Warning For Any Increases In Rent

If you are thinking about increasing the rent, you need to try and give your tenants enough notice. This should be at least a couple of months to give them the chance to get financially prepared for the change. It is worth keeping in mind tenants will be more willing and onboard with rent increases if you are also making improvements to the property.

Emergency Preparations

When emergencies occur, it is important your tenant knows how to contact you or your letting agency and that you respond to urgent calls. You may be wise to arrange for emergency home insurance on your rental property and add the name of your tenant to it as a contact on the policy so they can start a claim if necessary.

Don’t Turn Up Unannounced

You should never turn up unannounced. Generally, landlords must give their tenants at least 24 hours notice when they are intending on visiting.
If you are working with Newington Estates they can help you to work on maintaining healthy relationships whatever side you are on.

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