Where Are You Going to Live or Stay in Cyprus?

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Perhaps the simplest part of the whole process is deciding that you do indeed want to live in Cyprus, at least for part of the year, anyway. However, the trickier part of making the decision is where you are going to live on this truly amazing island. One of the best ways, of course, is to follow in the example of those who have gone before you. Now, you may have friends or relatives who have already made the move

If you haven’t though, you could still invest in property in the cities that are regarded as the most popular, as outlined below.


Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus, if you didn’t already know. This will probably suit those of you reading this who are not particularly bothered about having that glorious Mediterranean coast on your doorstep. Around 50km inwards in the southern part of the island, this is better suited to those who love living in and around a busy city.

As well as the ancient venetian walls of the intriguing and traditional old part of town, you also get the benefit of a very modern bar and café scene and there are even home comforts in the form of Marks and Spencer and Debenhams. Apartments are the property of choice in this part of the island.


Perhaps you are more interested on being right on the sea, almost in a port town. You’re spoiled for choice on Cyprus, with the likes of Limassol and Paphos (we’ve still to mention those). However, those cities are perfect for their modern details. If you want a touch of the old life, then Larnaca could be for you. It is quite surprising, shocking even that this town is not more overrun with tourists, with a city centre beach and promenade lined with palm trees or the fact there are lots of ancient monuments to check out.


With Limassol you really get the best of both sides of Cyprus living – the contemporary and the historic. The central part of town, the older part, has cobbled streets oozing with character and charm, while there’s also the Old Fisherman’s Harbour that provides a window into the past and how the island used to look.

However, thanks to the international business boom and increase in tourists the city has experienced, Limassol is a town that is keeping modern and moving forward. The city benefited from a new futuristic and cutting-edge marina development complex in 2014 and the due to be finished this year 350-million Euros Limassol del Mar development of luxury properties.


Within the district of Paphos, drive north for around 30 minutes and you reach the costal town of Peyia. This is popular thanks to the Blue Flag sand-covered beach at Coral Bay and the choice of four championship-standard golf courses. Like Limassol though, a lot of Peyia’s charm is in the old details that remind you of the past. Those pretty fountains and the cobbled street square.

Across the hillside of the town, you can enjoy the views of the whitewashed properties where you can get truly stunning views of the glittering waters. As its 40-minutes’ drive from Paphos, it’s easy to reach whenever you want to fly from the UK.


This regularly makes it to the top spot of expats and British tourist’s favourite spots in Cyprus. It’s probably the best if you are looking to mix and mingle with other expat Brits and has one of the most stunning harbours found throughout the coasts that hug the Mediterranean. It was named 2017 as the European City of Culture and lots of money has been funnelled and invested into the city, enhancing its archaeological sites, public squares and those old roads and commercial centres.

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