Which Is The Best Heating System For Your Rental Property?

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If you have recently bought a property that you are intending on renting out to tenants, or are interested in buying a property for that purpose; there are many important decisions you will eventually have to make.One of the most crucial is what heating system you are going to have installed in your property, if you are thinking of renovating it or replacing the system it has currently.

Why is this so important? Because it has an impact on how profitable your property is, how desirable it is for tenants and the overall efficiency of the property.

Electric or Gas Heating – Which Should You Choose?

This is a question and debate that comes up time and time again. Should you have electric or gas heating?

Electric Heating

Consider the pros and cons of both. Electric heating systems are reliable, safe and do not require very much maintenance. This means less work for you as a landlord. The problem with electric storage systems is the fact that they are undesirable to many tenants because they are often a lot harder to control and cost a lot more.

Gas Heating

While gas heating systems are just as reliable and safe, they are also easier to use and the running costs are much lower compared to electrical systems. The problems though though with gas heating is that they require a lot more maintenance and are more costly and time-consuming for landlords, in that regard. It will be your responsibility to ensure you have your annual gas safety certificates sorted, and any services or repairs on plumbing and boilers.

When it comes to electrical systems though, the technology involved has moved on quite a bit and you can now have very energy-efficient radiators that provide you with all the benefits that come from storage heaters of old without any of the negatives.

A Note About Modern Electrical Radiators

With the evolution of electric radiators, they are now a marvelous alternative to traditional storage heaters and the more popular gas heating.

Heat is delivered in the same way with electric radiators as it is through gas central heating, but as they do not burn any furl, they are safer and require next to no maintenance. They are also a lot less invasive to have installed and cost less in general.

Furthermore, they don’t need to be charged before you use them like storage heaters and are incredibly easy to control. This means that your tenants will be able to have heat where and when they need it. As each radiator works independently, it is not necessary to start up the whole system if your tenants are just looking to heat up one or two rooms.

That being said, when it comes to something like heating you have to weigh up and calculate all the costs, the pros and cons of each option. Just because one type of heating works well for other landlords and tenants, does not necessarily mean it will be the right choice for you.

Make your own mind up, but if you need any help or advice related to choosing the right heating system for your property, or anything else related to your rental property and the rental property market, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the expert team at Newington Estates, who are a group of people who really understand the London rental market.

They have numerous years worth of experience between them and are actively involved in both the rental and for sale market.

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