Which is the best season to sell your home?

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If you’re looking to sell your house, your best bet is to put it on the market when most buyers are actively looking to purchase a property, but it can be hard to determine when the best time to sell is. The more buyers actively looking to purchase means more competition for those wanting to buy your home, this means you can sell your home quicker and more competition means better offers resulting in a better selling price.

When’s the best time to sell

In reality, there are buyers looking to purchase properties all year round but it’s also common that there are highs and lows in the market. The winter, for example, is the worse time to try and sell due to already higher expenditure. The season that comes out on top for selling your home is in spring, which includes the start of summer, with February, March, April, May, June and the start of July seeing better figures in terms of house sales.

Why sell now?

The springtime is a key time to sell your home when traditionally demand outweighs supply, resulting in buoyant prices. For instance, average house prices increased by 0.8% between June and July 2015 whereas on a seasonally adjusted basis, average house prices decreased by 0.2% between November 2015 and December 2015.This is due to people finally getting over the festive period and before the height of summer when holidays and travel become important – especially for families.

Aesthetics also comes into play. With the warmer seasons transforming the appearance of your home, kerb appeal increases, as houses generally look better in the mild weather and natural light of the season.  Gardens are also in bloom during the spring and summer and a good looking garden is a key feature in selling your home. When people come to view the property the sight of a good garden lifts the mood and makes the home feel looked after and inviting which uplifts people as they view the rest of the house. Pleasant weather also encourages people to actually be more proactive when it comes to searching for a property. This is reflected in a report by HM Revenue and Customs as they state that there was an increase from 80,000 property transactions to 120,000 transactions over the months of February to July 2015.

If you want to sell your home and then now is certainly a great time to list. As the market improves and as buyers fight over your home, you may even make a little bit extra – and have a quick sale too!

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