Why Marbella is the Perfect Place to Raise Your Family

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If you are looking for a great place to raise your family, Marbella should be top of your list for options. Many British expats have decided to up their roots and move to Marbella to give their family a better life. If you are unsure about such a move, we don’t blame you, as it’s a very big commitment and decision.However, in the following post we hope to show you the many reasons why you will be pleased to put the time and effort into such a move.

Lower Cost of Living – Your Money Goes Further

If you are feeling the same stress and trouble that others are due to the rising cost of just about everything in the UK, you’ll be amazed and just how better off financially you’d be by moving to Marbella. Everything from large investments to small purchases tend to cost a lot less over there than they do in the UYK, meaning your hard-earned money goes a lot further in Spain.

Lifestyle Revolves Around the Great Outdoors

Marbella is located on the Costa Del Sol, a part of Spain famous for its amazing climate. So, moving there with your family will mean you are able to spend much more time doing things outdoors than you would over in the UK. In fact, in Marbella the sun is out for around 320 days every year and the area experiences little to no rain. So there really is no excuse for getting out and about and doing fun and interesting things rather than your kids sticking to their devices and watching TV.

There are Great Schools

Full time education is available in Marbella and the rest of Spain from the age of 3 for no charge. Local state schools are where most expat families send their children. Colegios refers to primary schools, whereas institutos refers to secondary schools. Not only is it easily accessible, but it’s of a very high standard, excelling where other countries in Europe fall behind and by enrolling your children at a local school, you will give them the best chance to full assimilate and integrate into Spanish living.

Don’t be dismayed though, if you have older children who may have difficulty learning a new language or whom you want to follow the curriculum back home, as there is an amazing crop of private schools too.

Secure and Safe Area to Live

Marbella has some very wealth residents, but also low levels of crime and an exceptionally low rate of unemployment. The local authorities work diligently and tirelessly to keep the area immaculate and there has been a hefty amount of money invested into the area for the likes of public spaces and parks. Many visitors to the town have remarked at their surprise at seeing so many civic and local authority employees visibly out in force on a day to day level keeping the high standard of the town intact.

Families can spend more time out and about later in the evening here and never feel threatened when walking home in the dark. The longer hours of daylight also mean that children are able to play outdoors for much longer and offers them a greater sense of freedom.

You will also find that Marbella has a diverse population of people from all backgrounds and races and who just get on with one another. Spanish people in general are known for their hospitable and welcoming nature.

Culture Revolves Around Family

The Spanish way of life revolves around family. Much like many countries on the Mediterranean coast of Europe, Spanish families spend lots of time together, eating lunches and dinner daily and even family members who have flown the nest tend to visit at weekends.

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